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What We Do

Coding Projects
with Children

RCEI organizes creative trainings on IT skills to children of the age between 4 and 12. These trainings stimulate interest on IT technology and allow children to make own computer using Raspberry PI microcontrollers, create their first video games using SCRATCH programing language and even program BB-8 robots. Besides children in need who have limited access to the technology due to difficult personal circumstances, such trainings are offered to anyone interested into IT and modern technologies.

Support for
Saint Trinity Hospital
in Moldavia

RCEI wants to support a hospital in Moldavia with medical and IT equipment. The objective is to raise funds such as to acquire medical supplies, computers with modern operating systems, and help renovation of the main Cardiology Clinique in Moldavia capital Kishinev.

Laser Quest Experience
for Children in Need

RCEI organizes free visits to Laser Quest Eindhoven to children who never had an opportunity to experience the Laser Quest due to specific personal circumstances. Groups of maximum 40 children of the age between 8 and 16 are welcome.

Participation at Annual Meetings
of International Rotary Clubs
from Europe

RCEI has participated the first Annual Meeting of International Rotary Clubs from Europe which took place in Berlin from April 29th till May 1st 2016. Besides strengthening the fellowship, sightseeing and great social activities, that was a nice occasion to agree upon a joined project of the International Rotary Clubs. Among several strong proposals, the initiative of the RC Utrecht International has attracted the most of the attention. This initiative concerns building a Safehouse for abused children in Landi, Taita Tevata, Kenya. The goal is to build as well as supply the Safehouse and its surrounding community with reliable and affordable source of clean water. The drinking water will also allow the children and their caretakes to grow their own vegetables and become more self-sufficient.

Summer Carrousels
of Regional Rotary Clubs

RCEI is the only International club which regularly participates gatherings of the Rotary clubs from the District 1550 in the summer period. Informal chats on actual rotary activities, strengthening fellowship, networking and socializing at pleasant weather are at the agenda of these meetings.

Closing Rotary Year
with Traditional BBQ

In the first week of July, RCEI organizes a traditional BBQ at the house of the distinguished member mr. Jaap Aardse. This is the occasion to officially close the Rotary year and hand over chairmanship to the new club officials. All present and past club members are invited together with families.

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End Polio Campaign

RCEI actively contributes to the "End Polio Now" campaign of the Rotary International by purchasing boxes of tulip bulbs. A number of these boxes are sold at the Feel Good Market in Eindhoven on November 20th, 2016. Besides raising money for the "End Polio Now" campaign, RCEI members used their stand at the Feel Good Market to promote Rotary and own club in modern and enthusiastic way.

"I'm Not a Tourist" Expat Fair

Rotary International Eindhoven (RCEI) has been invited to participate in the annual event of Eindhoven “I’m not a tourist” expat fair. The fair is targeting the expat community in the south of The Netherlands, who just moved in or is looking for different services or information, such as legal services, banking, local agencies but also groups and clubs to join. During the fair, RCEI received visits from different potential members who were deeply interested in its different missions. In addition to that, potential collaborations has been discussed with different local organizations, such as lichtjesroute where we had the pleasure to meet with its chairman, Mr. Ivo Baijens. For more information about “i’m not a tourist” expat fair Eindhoven visit:

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RCEI at Escaperoom040

Between work and Rotary meetings, RCEI organizes fun activities for the different members. The latest one being a team building activity in EscapeRoom040 Eindhoven RCEI had the pleasure to receive Eva Vromans to join the Escape Room activity, and share with us her experience in setting up her own business in organizing comedy events all around The Netherlands. For more information concerning the different shows she organizes please visit:

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Thank you for showing interest in our Rotary club. Founded 2014, we are one of only few international Rotary clubs in the Netherlands and are a very diverse and passionate group of people.
Our Rotary club is meeting every second Wednesday at restaurant De Zwaan in Son en Breugel.